What is Anonymous Email and How to Create It? | Easy Way

Email is an integrated part of people’s lives, especially those who work in an office. The creation of email has changed the way we communicate, earlier fax, telegram messages were used to send in huge amounts of data but weren’t that good. Email technology has been updated multiple times since the creation and with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Samsung each having their own personal email WebClient. Some even went a step further to release their own specific mobile applications.

However, some of the email services are for free and as it is said if the product is free then you are the product. Companies do sell user data to other companies for advertising purposes, promotional marketing purposes. They do not hold back to even sell users private personal data. One of the most infamous cases of the 21st century is that of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Data Scandal.

Anonymous email id can be defined as self-destructing email ids, one can send a single/ multiple emails and then the email id self destructs itself. It is good to have such email ids as one can surely get rid of unnecessary promotional emails and other spam emails.

Stepping up the Anonymous Game:

Step 1: VPN (Virtual Private Network) The foundation of being anonymous has roots in being connected to a secure VPN. Being connected to a VPN gives the user much more security than other non-secure connections. Make sure you use a secure VPN connection even for normal browsing as most of the websites do track cookies and then alter the prices accordingly.

Step 2: Use a more private browser, using a more private browser gives you more security and protection from data phishing. Free browsers collect data from you and pass on to other companies/ organizations.
Using a paid private browser beefs up your security. Browsers collect users browsing data, store users’ passwords, study users’ browsing pattern and then sell the relevant data to relevant companies who do usually pay huge for such users’ data. Then you wonder how did one company know your birthday even when you did not subscribe to its services.

Step 3: Use an Anonymous Email Id, one can use anonymous email id to keep their personal email id, data secure. Anonymous email id can be defined as self-destructing email ids which destruct themselves after one use or multiple usages. One can use them to simply register their name for a product and save himself/ herself from unnecessary promotional emails.

Final Verdict

On a concluding note, one shall not use too much of anonymous emails as some product companies do send important security updates, invoices and other details to the customers, you better do not want to miss on them.


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