Are AIM and AOL Addresses the Same? | AOL Email 2019

AOL is known as American online, whereas AIM is known as AOL Instant Messenger. AOL is an American global Internet service provider and media company. It was established in 1983 in America. In 1983, it was known as Quantum Computer Service and later it is renamed to American online (AOL).

Since 1983, it was known as the leading internet service provider in Amerca and provided its services to many companies across the globe. Also, it has set up international versions of its services. As emails are very essential for business communication, AOL has offered email services as well.

The company has developed and maintains various online software’s suite that is useful for millions of peoples to access a vast online community. AOL serves its customer in such a way that today its customers can finally reach to everyone on the internet.

About: AIM and AOL | Email Services

To serve the customers more ease, AOL has released an instant messaging and presence computer program in May 1997. This software program is known as AOL Instant Messenger or in short AIM. There are lots of instant messengers available in the market today that increases the competition for AIM.

The AIM software program is developed and maintained by AOL, it allows AOL users to communicate with one another easily. There are also many other instant messaging programs which are developed and maintained by AOL. But AIM is the main reason for marketing growth of AOL. Moreover, it has a great impact on the instant messaging market in North America, and mainly in the United States.

In 2009, AOL has finally separated from Time Warner and now it has become a separate public company. Nowadays, AIM has lots of competition because of the development of many other instant messengers. Unless their earlier time, they no longer capture the market share on instant messenger.

History of AIM

Since 1997, AIM has made a lot of improvement in its functionality and performance. Moreover, it is now also available on various platforms such as windows, mac, and Linux. AOL has great UI and UX, it has a very simple user interface that interacts with the users very friendly.In 2015, AOL is purchased by Verizon and it is now a mass media corporation. AOL’s key products and services are content, advertising, and internet services. Content includes a series of information, news, and blogs. Whereas internet service is its largest selling products across the world.

AIM is an ad-supported platform and software and its users have to watch the ads. In spite of the ad-supported platform, it is a great instant messenger software. Also, it supports many functions and has a bunch of useful features.

Final Verdict | AIM vs AOL

AOL is a company and AIM is an instant messenger software program which is developed and maintained by AOL.AOL stands for American Online and it is a corporate internet service provider based in America. Whereas, AIM stands for AOL Instant Messenger developed by AOL which is a cross-platform of an instant messaging software program.


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