How to Choose Best Email Hosting Providers | Editor’s Pick

While the term ‘email hosting’ seems quite unfamiliar, it essentially refers to the same services as provided by everyday web-based mailing companies like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail, to name a few. The major difference between the email hosting services and the aforementioned companies is that email hosting services provide premium paid and unpaid plans instead of the advertisement-aided free service being provided by the traditional email service providers.

These premium plans, of course, do include extra features like increased storage space, customized email addresses, email authentication protocols, and many more such perks. These are designed majorly to cater to large and small scale businesses that require dedicated email servers for their business transactions but can also be accessed by individuals in need of premium email services.

Best Email Hosting Providers

Features Provided by Email Hosting Servers

Email hosting providers go the extra mile to offer users premium features and many add-on services that are not provided by the usual advertisement-aided, free email services. Some of the most popular features are listed below:

  • Secure modes of data transfer with potent email encryption options.
  • Improve the brand image and establish trust with custom emails tailor-made for a business.
  • Extra storage space extending to both files and emails.
  • Even though it is a paid service mostly, it is much more cost-effective for a business to use a third-party email provider than to maintain its infrastructure and servers.
  • Reduced risk of viruses and spam entering the inbox utilizing tighter security measures.

Now that we have a gross idea regarding email hosting providers, let’s take a detailed look at the most popular service providers on the market.

Top 5 Email Hosting Providers | Editor’s Pick 2019

In no particular order, the following are the most highly recommended email hosting providers, as stated by multiple sources.

  • Rackspace

Texas-based cloud computing company Rackspace has its dedicated email hosting service. It has an expansive catalog of well-designed plans catering to every tier of users. The basic plan provides 25GB of storage space, robust spam and virus filters, and cross-platform accessibility. More advanced plans introduce storage space extending to 100 GB, ActiveSync support, Office-compatible apps and so on. With costs ranging from 2.99$ to10.99$ per month, it is the biggest ‘value for money’ option out there.

  • BlueHost

Bluehost is the email hosting provided by the EIG consortium. This is a very user-friendly option offering dynamic and large file storage space, based on the device in operation, effective email encryption and protection measures. Additional plans include access to the mail over multiple platforms and a choice between three different apps to access it as well. While this may not be as expansive, with its plans ranging from 2.95$ to 5.45$ per month makes it a very cost-effective service.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials

Microsoft is probably one of the leading companies in the Information Technology sector, and with Microsoft Office 365, it has provided a very lucrative suite of applications including an email package. It boasts up to 150 MB of email attachments, 50 GB of online storage, and 1 TB on your OneDrive account. An added benefit is the seamless integration of Microsoft Office software into the emails. Priced from 5$ to 12.50$ per month, it is one of the more expensive options but certainly packs a punch.

  • Fasthosts

This is probably the best service for the low-end consumer. Its basic plan consists of the bare essentials in an email account, but the quantity is the magnum opus. Five Mail Lite accounts with a tiny 100 MB inboxes with a maximum attachment size of 10 MB, along with four large inboxes with 4GB of storage space and 15 MB attachments, are provided for an extremely low price of 2.60$ per month. However, for greater requirements, Outlook accounts, spam and virus filters, and even a free domain for one year are provided with investments of up to 13.10$ per month.

  • Zoho

Zoho caters to a broad spectrum of audiences with a lucrative free plan of 25 mailboxes with 5 GB allotted per user, and a 20 MB attachment limit. This is pretty functional for any small scale industry, and it also incorporates the needs of larger-scale businesses offering much greater email storage, file storage options, and applications over the varied platform. The paid plans range from 1$ per month to 5$ per month. Altogether, the variety of quality services offered by Zoho is a recipe for success.

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