Disposable Email Services | What It is and How to Use It ?

Emails are really useful. If you need to send someone a document, create a marketing campaign, send the news to your subscribers, or just send a plain old text message to a friend, email is a great choice. Being one of the oldest ways of communication online, it has been through a lot to become as good and reliable as it is today. You probably have a personal email yourself, maybe a professional one as well. But sometimes, we just want to access some content on a website we will probably never visit again, and yet it requires us to register. In times like this, we turn to our good friends: disposable email providers.

Disposable email providers give you an email address that usually lasts a few minutes or as long as you’re logged in, and after that, it’s gone. These are useful when you just have to register for a site that you only need one time. The number of various different disposable email providers is huge.

So choosing a good one in time of need can be a bit of a hassle. This is why we’ve compiled this list of the top 10 disposable email providers, so you can find just the right one in your time of need.

5 Disposable Email Services | Editor’s Pick

  • 1. E4ward

E4ward allows you to create multiple aliases. They forward all the emails from those created aliases to your primary email address. As a free user, you can only get a single alias, but you can also opt for the premium version to be able to create multiple of them. You can also customize your email by adding your own domain name.

  • 2. 10minutemail

With this provider, you get a single email address that lasts 10 minutes and then gets deleted. You can extend the time by clicking the refresh button if you need it for longer.

  • 3. Mailinator

Here you can use an alias that you want for your disposable email. It is in the public domain and all addresses are available publicly. The alias you choose can also be used by someone else. The received emails are self-deleted after a few hours. If you choose the premium plan, then you will receive your own personal alias.

  • 4. TempMail

This is another public disposable email provider. Same as mailinator, you can choose any alias, but someone else can use it at the same time as well. It is not recommended to use this type of service for creating online accounts of any sort since they can easily be accessed by someone else.

  • 5. Nada

Nada is a disposable email service from the same team who created AirMail. It is handy to sign up for internet services. The inbox is valid as long as the domain stays active. You can create multiple aliases and delete the unused ones after.

  • 6. Guerilla Mail

All the received emails get deleted after an hour. Registration is not required to use it. They provide an option for users to choose an alias and the desired domain name. You can also send emails to any address using Guerilla Mail.

  • 7. MohMal

MohMal stands for “junk mail” in Arabic. With this service, users will get support for multiple languages. The email you create gets deleted after 45 minutes, but you can refresh it periodically to prevent it from being deleted.

  • 8. Throwaway mail

Here users get a unique disposable email ID. ThrowAwayMail is valid for 48 hours. To make it permanent, you can visit the email page before those 48 hours run out.

  • 9. EmailOnDeck

This service provides you with a unique email address. You can use it to sign up or to receive other emails. Here you can recover your email address after deletion, and for that, you use a recovery token.

  • 10. YOPmail

YOPmail stores your emails for 8 days. It also provides support for multiple languages. It looks premium with a very tidy user interface. You cannot compose or send emails to any other provider but can send them to other users of YOPmail.

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