Top 5 Best Email Clients for iOS 12 | Email Services on iPhone

Email is an integrated part of people’s lives, especially those who work in an office. The creation of email has changed the way we communicate, earlier fax, telegram messages were used to send in huge amounts of data but weren’t that good. Email technology has been updated multiple times since the creation and with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Samsung each having their own personal email WebClient. Some even went a step further to release their own specific mobile applications.

Email apps are widely available on the iOS app store, there is a built-in email app but some users do want some different features, experience so they do look out for other third-party apps. We in the following article will discuss some applications which one can use for email purposes

Top 5 Best Email Client for iOS 12

1) Spike: It is a free app, it is a conversation-based app. The app’s main focus is to turn to email into more of a message based conversation, the organization the inbox as a chat-style window. It removes email-headers, signatures and turns to mail into a chat-based conversation. Other features like calendar, email grouping option, automatic email, quick response are available. Spike is most commonly used and has good user data privacy policies.

2) Polymail: Polymail is a traditional email app, it has a sleek interface with a useful comment and mention feature that’s available on the desktop for teamwork. On iOS polynomial does offer a multitude of features like integration with calendar, quick tags, read later, read receipts, one-click unsubscribe, email scheduling, click and attachment tracking, etc. Moreover, it is free to download and use.

3) Airmail: It originally started as a Mac application then shifted to iOS, Airmail is a straightforward email application with more focus on minimization. There is a single unified view for all the emails. Airmail keeps simple options like delete, reply, and archive while viewing an email. Moreover, it has all the necessary basic features. But the application is paid one and costs $4.99.

4) Spark: Spark is a free app from Readdle, is one of the top email picks. Spark offers up a Smart Inbox that presents your most important emails first, saving junk, newsletters, and less important tasks for later. It comes with all the necessary application features as standard.

5) Edison Mail: Edison Mail is another free application is super popular on the App Store for a reason. It has a clean and modern look, customizable swipe settings and all the necessary tools as standard settings. There’s an AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered personal assistant that assists the organization of the mails, sorting out subscription travel, emails, etc. It has integrated Face ID, providing an additional layer of protection to your inbox.

On a concluding note, the above-listed applications mostly fulfill the need of users and are good on user data privacy and security.


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