Email Validation Setup Guide | How to Get Started with Validation Process?

Email Validation is a must for companies who generate or receive a lot of email addresses of users. Users do commit mistakes when they type in their email addresses. Even a misspelled comma, dot, a word can make the email address useless. For companies/ organizations, users’ data is precious and wrong email id can reduce the overall integrity of the data.

Multiple companies do have various systems in place to detect wrong, fake email ids. Multiple user authentication systems are placed to make sure the data collected/ entered is true and not fake or incorrect. Email Validation is an important aspect of maintaining database integrity. Companies employ various frontend and backend systems to keep data integrity high. We’ll have a detailed look into the topic of Email Validation below.

Email Validation

Introduction to Email Validation:

Email Validation is a process in which a specific software runs various tests on the user entered email address to check if there are any typing errors (typos), deliberate mistakes, fake email addresses. Some software does even check the service providers if they exist or not. This ultimately increases the overall database integrity score as well as the overall reach of the email marketing program.

How Does Email Validation Work:

Most of the Email Service Providers do provide service of Email Validation too. There are third-party applications like ValidateEmailAddress and EmailValidator are two such examples. One is first required to bulk upload email ids the Email Validation Tools Software will segregate the email ids into three criteria’s; (Valid) (Risky) (Invalid).

  • 1) Valid:- It means the email id is complete and error-free and the verification of it is done till the email id level.
  • 2) Risky:- This means that the email address exists but can be a bounce off or a fake one, the possibility is high.
  • 3) Invalid:- This means the email id is totally fake and is useless. Such email ids do lower the database integrity.

How Does Email Validation Help:

Email Validation is an important aspect in terms of preserving the overall score of database integrity. Sales Marketing Campaigns, Personal Customer Interaction, Better Customer Service all are some of the benefits one can surely benefit from an Email Validation Software.

The following are points which reason the need for Email Validation Software in companies/ organizations where huge amounts of user email ids are generated.

  • 1) To maintain and increase the overall database integrity score.
  • 2) To efficiently yet precisely run email marketing campaigns.
  • 3) To save and efficiently utilize the marketing budget.
  • 4) Increase your conversion rate for the marketing campaign.
  • 5) To connect with customers on a personal level.

The overall analysis of Email Validation one can conclude the advantages are far much more than the disadvantages. One should strongly consider having an Email Validation Software to boost overall sales marketing campaign for a company/ organization.


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