Is Slack Killing Email? | Slack vs Email Services : Choose The Better One

Slack is cloud-based software and online services. Developed by Slack Technologies, slack is an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”. Slack was co-founded in August 2013 and offers many IRC features, including chat rooms or channels organized by groups or direct messaging. Slack currently offers mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms apart from the regular Desktop clients for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Introduction to Slack

The major and the most popular feature of Slack is its Chat Rooms. But focusing on just one feature of Slack is like using a swiss army knife only as a bottle opener. Slack is designed to provide the users with an exhaustive set of features like search, shared channels, app integrations, pinned items and many more.

We will guide you through the set of features that Slack has to offer.

Slack: Top Features

  • 1. Managing Documents

The search function of Slack, much like a Google search, helps the users to find exactly what they want in a snap. Additional Filters provide the options to narrow the search results.

  • 2. Shared Chat Rooms

From personal to business purposes, slack helps connect the individuals by creating a direct line of communication or a channel. This feature is of great use to coordinate the efforts between organizations or business units that require secure communication.

  • 3. Setting Reminders

When you have so many things to keep track of, there is a high possibility that the important matters might slip off your mind. You can use the /remind command to set a reminder for an event, meeting, deadline or anything important. People love this feature and it is very easy to use.

  • 4. Pinning messages and important files

The feature of pinning certain important messages and files comes handy when you are in a hurry. It creates collective visibility around need-to-know items

Slack or Email: Which is better?

For the last few years, Slack has been growing at a very fast pace. Over 13,000 teams at large companies like eBay, Sony and NBCUniversal use slack for business purposes. Surveys have shown that users spend nearly 10 hours logged in to the app every day.

Lately, there have been many tweets with individuals saying that the email volumes have been reduced by a significant percentage. Some claim that they have stopped using email services completely. Slack has many built-in plugins and apps that all you need is a single Slack app for all your tasks. That all being said Email services are not going down anytime soon, but Slack is better integration with email.

Important for business?

Slack provides an amazing communication platform and is super-popular with many big businesses. Slack provides a channel-oriented platform, creating more openness and transparency. It is more accessible, and all the team members can see the same thing at one time. Moreover, Slack is capable of storing the public records of the company’s work. Slack helps to catch up a business meeting as well through its buttery communication channels.


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