Newton Mail vs BlueMail | Which is Better Email Management Service?

There are numerous people who do check out their phones for emails and respond to them promptly. Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft Outlook all of them have their personal mobile apps compatible with both iOS and Android. Still, there are numerous third-party applications with better service and User Interface (UI) that provide a bit better service than company applications. But issues like user data collection, privacy concerns, security threats, etc do plague the world of third party applications.

In the upcoming part of the article, we’ll discuss Email Management Systems, compare the popular ones like Newton Mail vs Bluemail and also, discuss the features/ advantages and disadvantages of them.

Introduction to the Email Management System:

Email Management has been an important part of Database Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It all began in 1960 when IBM invented the first Database Management Software, and similar software like Oracle and SQL Server too were launched.

With the arrival of Big Data, the overall concept of Database Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) expanded with email prominently used for sales marketing, newsletters, customer service, etc. The role of email management services has expanded exponentially over time. In the next subheading, we’ll study the features of an Email Management System Software/ Application.

Components of an Email Management System Software/ Application:

A typical Email Management System Software/ Application has the following components. Some have them as standard features some might not but can be added via plugins.

  • 1) Email Ticketing System: It is the most basic and commonly found in all the system software. It basically allows a number for every email that enters the system. That number is called an Email Identification Number or an Email Reference Number. It is quite useful in tracking down any specific email or a number of emails.
  • 2) Email Receipt Module: It filters out unwanted content and spam emails and assigns a specific email number to the email based on the specific conditions.
  • 3) Data Enhancement Module: It adds specific tags to the emails so that it can be connected to a specific database storing its content, sender details, etc.
  • 4) Intelligent Analysis Module: This module has an intelligent system to read the content of the email and then segregate it according to its contents. The module can be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do the segregation task.

There are sometimes multiple specific modules but here we have only discussed the most important commonly used ones.

Features Newton Mail BlueMail
Platforms Android / iOS/macOS/Echo Android / iOS / Amazon Fire
Exchange Support Yes Yes
Multi-account Yes Yes
In-Service No discontinued since September 25th, 2018 Yes
Notifications Yes Yes, Highly Customizable
Paid No Yes
Support Multiple Email Accounts Yes Yes
Calendar Integration No Yes



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