How to Use Paid Email Services : 10 Paid Email Services Review

The email has become indispensable as a means of communication, especially in the modern scenario where the majority of the global population spends a large fraction of their time on the internet. The major players in the email industry, namely Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail to name a few, offer free, advertisement –aided web-based mailing services. These free services provide for most of the basic needs for the everyday user like large storage for emails, interactive themes, file storage options, and robust spam filters.

In many cases, especially for business purposes, additional features become a necessity. Many establishments require a dedicated domain and an associated email server. In such cases, it is a much more cost-effective option to collaborate with a third party server to cater to all the perks their business email requires, rather than set up and maintain the infrastructure and support personnel. This is where the concept of paid email services come into play. Straying away from the advertisement-aided free plans, paid plans include a multitude of additional features including, but not limited to, custom email addresses, cloud hosting, extended file storage options, and much tighter security measures. Let’s now take a look at the most prevalent options in the paid email market.

Best Paid Email Services | Business and Personal Use

As cited by most online sources, the following are the top ten paid email service providers, in no particular order.

  • MailGet

This is quite synonymous with its tagline ‘Affordable & Easy Marketing’. It offers a large range of features for a very small fee. It offers a great value for money alternative since its payment scheme is flexible and extra hosting fees are not charged.

  • MailGet Bolt

A derivative of the MailGet service. As signified by the name, it is a much more robust service. This caters more towards bulk posting requirements, and its additional feature of statistical analytics is a novel innovation especially for emerging businesses.

  • SendinBlue

This service is mainly concentrated towards more expansive marketing campaigns. This appeals to businesses whose target demographic of young adults and teenagers, as this service has a real youthful vibe to it. Its magnum opus lies in the protocol for creating unique curated content for every person on the mailing list.

  • GetResponse

This is one of the giants in the field of email marketing, with an outreach of approximately 350000 users in 182 countries. Its unique selling point lies in its newsletter building tool, complete with a pop-up sign up form. It is a very effective tool in the space of email marketing and hence makes this a very lucrative service.

  • Moosend

This is a really simple and effective email marketing service with a variety of templates and signs up forms that cannot be done without in this industry. A major tool at the disposal of users is in the spam mail testing so that the promotional emails don’t end up in the spam folder.

  • Sendloop

This is a very simplistic email marketing solution. It provides an extensive set of customization widgets, the most intricate of which includes tools to increase subscription flow on the web page, and marketing automation tool to schedule sending personalized mail periodically.

  • ConstantContact

This is a very utilitarian email marketing service, designed especially for the newbie in the business scene. It has dedicated software to import contacts from an excel file, and also a very useful automatic responder widget to get you started on the front foot.

  • AWeber

An award-winning service provider for Best Email Marketing from in 2019, this provides us with an arsenal of tools for contact management, and amicable animated and graphic templates, making for a very effective marketing campaign.

  • Bronto

One of the best service providers from the perspective of user engagement and precision timing. It has a very unique dashboard with a creative analytics tab for planning marketing strategies. The single most amazing feature is of Lifecycle Marketing, which serves as a reminder software, and has a huge turnover in turning first-time buyers into repeat customers.

  • Benchmark Email

Akin to its name, this service has set a benchmark, especially in the field of multimedia marketing. The principal feature of this service is its built-in image editor which is quite robust and useful. Simple contact management, editable and integrated forms, and auto-responder features are also very well designed to provide a very professional service.


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