How to Use TouchMail on Windows and MAC | TouchMail Guide 2019

TouchMAil is an Email Client for Microsoft Windows launched on April 17, 2013, at the DEMO Mobile conference which is located in San Francisco. It was developed by a Seattle based startup funded in 2012 by former Microsoft Employees Matthew Carlson and Alex Frank. It works on both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Well, be discussing its features in the article below.


About TouchMail and It’s Features

  • 1) Zoom In/ Zoom Out Feature: The pinch in to zoom in and pinch out to zoom out is a common feature in most mobile applications, similarly, Touchmail has this feature it improves the user’s productivity and eases the overall user experience.
  • 2) Quick Filter to find messages: One can avail the use of a quick filter to filter out certain mails from a particular sender. It is essential as our inboxes are filled with multiple emails from multiple senders across multiple timelines, to find a particular email is hard but with Touchmail it is easy to do so as it has a Quick Filter feature. One can sort emails according to the sender, date, with or without attachments, read or unread, etc.
  • 3) Delete with one swipe: Many of us have our inboxes filled to the brim with spam emails, unnecessary emails, old emails. Such mails unnecessary take up our space, in Touchmail one can directly in one swipe delete an email. You can also delete multiple emails from a particular sender at once too. It is a good feature to clear your email inbox of multiple unnecessary emails.
  • 4) Spam Filtering: Spam filtering is one of the best in Touchmail it filters out unnecessary emails in the first place before they enter your inbox. You do have an option to block a set of keywords or emails from a particular sender.

About TouchMail on Windows and MAC

On a concluding note, one can say that the ease of user interface and the multitude of features is best in TouchMail. Also, issues like data privacy and data security are taken into serious consideration within the organization. The integration with third-party applications and software, the availability of plugins is also under scrutiny. The parent company does release regular security & privacy updates. One can rest assure with Touchmail in the long run.


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