What is Spam Filter Services? | Top 5 Spam Filter Services

Spam Emails! There aren’t many words in the English vocabulary to describe the annoying pain they cause to an individual. Imagine the horror one individual faces when he painstakingly clears the inbox of spam then he opens the mailbox the next morning to find it again filled to the brim with spam emails.

To facilitate or in other words to ease the task of spam filtering, there are numerous third-party applications that do it for you. Most of them do it for free, but hey there is a catch you don’t want any unauthorized third party spam filter reading and collecting your personal user data and profiting from it right? So to solve the problem we have got down to five most trusted best spam filters you can get to filter out unnecessary emails, also known as spam and boost your overall productivity.

Spam Filter Services

Here are Top 5 Spam Filter Services:

1) SPAMfighter:- Spam fighter is the most efficient tool one can user against spam emails. Partnered with Microsoft one if using Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail can surely implement SPAMfighter and can free themselves from unnecessary lags in productivity. It comes with an easy interface and is simple and good in user experience.

Some of the features are listed below:-

  • a) It comes with enhanced spam filtering for Windows Outlook.
  • b) One can safeguard email accounts on a Windows Computer.
  • c) It is free for Home-Users.
  • d) It requires about 128MB of minimum memory.

2) MailWasher:- MailWasher is an efficient tool to block spam emails from entering your system. Backed with a user database of 8 million it blocks spam emails from entering your system. It is compatible with Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, Windows Live Email, Thunderbird, Hotmail.

Some of the features are listed below:-

  • a) Easy to use and customizable User Interface.
  • b) Works on Windows as well as mobiles.
  • c) Doesn’t let Spam enter your PC.
  • d) Automatic Updates are available.
  • e) Realtime Spam filtering

3) Spaminhilator:- Spaminhilator is another great software that claims to annihilate spam emails before entering your PC. It carefully filters out spam phishing, newsletters, unwanted emails, etc.

Some of the features are listed below:-

  • a) Uses multiple spam filters for the highest spam filtering rate.
  • b) Comes with spam word filter.
  • c) Free for use.
  • d) Automatic updates.
  • e) Plugins are available to add more features.

4) SpamExperts: It comes with AI-powered technology which recognizes spam emails before they enter your inbox. The list would be incomplete without SpamExperts as it is among the most trusted Spam Filtering services in the world.

Some of the features are listed below:-

  • a) Advanced real-time AI-powered spam filtering.
  • b) Accuracy rate above 90% for real-time Spam Filtering.
  • c) Live Spam Information.
  • d) 24*7 Spam Monitoring.

5) SpamBully: It uses Artificial Intelligence combined with server blacklisting which ensures your inbox is free from unwanted spam emails. It has an effective engine that identifies then deletes any fraudulent links in any emails. It works mostly with clients like Outlook, Outlook Express, Office 365.

Some of the features are listed below:-

  • a) Advanced search engine to allow and choose which emails shall reach your inbox.
  • b) Auto Delete spam-emails.
  • c) Easy mobile forwarding facility.
  • d) Graphical statistics display makes the user knowledgeable about the data regarding spam emails.

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