Why You Should Use ProtonMail? | ProtonMail Editor’s Review

ProtonMail is a mail provider that centers around security. ProtonMail, as well as its servers, is based in Switzerland. This means that everything is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. It provides end to end encryption for all your emails, meaning that all your emails are well encrypted and protected from sniffers and any hackers trying to get to your sensitive data. ProtonMail’s emails are anonymous. None of your personal information is needed to create a ProtonMail account. ProtonMail also does not log your IP, meaning they never track anything about you. ProtonMail is also open source and free. There are paid account tiers, but you get everything a normal user needs in the free tier. ProtonMail is extremely easy to use, and can be accessed from any device, and is compatible with any other email service, meaning you can send and receive emails from anyone.


Other reasons why you’d love ProtonMail

ProtonMail has a vast number of features that are very useful and very often needed. These features include:

  • – Attachment encryption – all the documents that are sent through ProtonMail are encrypted and safe from people you don’t want to see your stuff.
  • – Labels – you can create custom labels which you can use to label your emails. You can filter through those labels to find important emails, and you can also assign multiple labels to a single message. Unlike folders, deleting a label does not delete the emails with that label.
  • – Themes – ProtonMail allows you to theme your email client however you want. You can fully customize everything about it, as it supports CSS editing.
  • – Hotkeys – ProtonMail’s email client has a great number of hotkeys that you can use to quickly manage your emails.
  • – Knowledgebase – ProtonMail also provides a knowledge base where you can find all the answers to the questions you may have about ProtonMail and its features.
  • – Feedback forum – ProtonMail has a feedback forum where you can list anything you do not like or want to be improved about the service. You can also suggest new features. ProtonMail cares about its users and they always try to make new changes to suit everyone’s needs

Free VPN

ProtonMail provides a VPN service as well, called ProtonVPN. This is a great VPN service providing the same significant encryption levels as ProtonMail. It has a high number of servers all across the world, and they are very fast. You can use this VPN service for free, but you can also pay for higher speeds and better encryption. Paid ProtonVPN servers can also be used for unlocking media streaming platforms, such as Netflix. And it is really cheap.


ProtonMail is an excellent mail service. It offers way more features than any other mail service, and they will never sell any of your data. They run purely on donations and paid tiers. For a regular user, everything you will ever need is accessible through the free tier, so switching to ProtonMail would be a very wise decision.


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